ROAD TRIP – what Arizona desert have to offer (places to be on your bucket list)


When 2015 of this year started…I made a deal to include a road trip for this year’s travel venture-so I gathered the young at heart and grabbed our bags and drove for hours.

Being an outdoorsy kind of person, I always think that Summer is the best time to pack your bags and hit the road despite of the heat that can  reach as high as 105 degrees along with unexpected sand storm, wind storm or occasional thunder and lightning. 

Being on the road to go from places to places can be fun and tiring at the same time, but no matter how much you love to drive it is still highly recommended to rest and have a backup driver. When I get sleepy some caffeine and  a few energy drinks will keep me awake, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. My only advice to all is don’t push yourself to the limit and learn how to hand over the wheel to someone else to get some rest or pull over and take a nap. Safety first before everything else!

ROAD TRIP is fun when you have the right people.  A few guidelines to live by to make your trip an enjoyable and memorable one.

  • Be with the people who have a sense of adventure and willingness to try anything or everything. People who have the same interest as yours.
  • Take the young ones who are legally old enough (not a minor)because they tend to crave for challenge and they also have that adrenaline rush, which makes things exciting!
  • Someone who knows how to drive but also a SAFE driver so that you can take some rest.
  • An outdoor person who can appreciate nature, take a hike, and expect long walks (the last thing you want is someone who will make your trip problematic right?)

A few things to bring when traveling on the road for long hours:

  • cases of water (very important to hydrate yourself specially under extreme heat)
  • Some filling snacks (peanuts, energy bars, dry fruits, cookies)
  • Snacks to keep you awake while driving (sunflower seeds and very spicy food-hot Cheetos! is always my best bet)
  • Tripod and camera
  • Flash light for emergency purposes

Las Vegas, Nevada

Our first stop after 4 hours of driving from Los Angeles, California is Las Vegas, Nevada also known as “Sin City” or for me “The city that never sleeps.” We got here very late due to heavy traffic because it’s a  weekend (seems like everybody wants to get out of the city). We checked-in to our hotel in Paris for an overnight stay and head out immediately for some late dinner.



After we filled our tummy with good food, we head back to the strip for some walking and a little booze of alcohol (what is Las Vegas without getting a little drunk right?)




We kinda lost track of time and got back to our hotel just in time to pack our bags and head out again to our next destination. This is where a back-up SAFE driver comes to the rescue =]  We left Las Vegas to head to Sedona, Arizona (a 4 hour drive and an opportunity for us to catch some snooze).

Sedona, Arizona

A desert in Arizona well-known for the red rocks that illuminates to red-orange color, pine forest, and steep canyons. There are a lot of hiking trails here that can be explored. However, we are here for a quick stop, get some lunch and a few hours to stroll around the village. Nevertheless, its beauty is breath-taking.






Grand Canyon, Arizona

One of the well-known tourist spot to visit when in United States and a UNESCO World Heritage site. A 2 hour drive from Sedona, Arizona we arrived at the South Rim of the National Park just in time to enjoy the glow and colors of the rock during the sunset’s magical hours.




 Paige, Arizona

An hour and half drive from Grand Canyon is a small town that boast a lot of amazing things to see and do. Our first stop is a meander of Colorado River shaped as a Horseshoe Bend (thus the name)




Antelope Canyon or “slot canyon” is located in Navajo land. This is part of Paige, Arizona about 20-25 minutes drive from Horseshoe Bend. There are two areas of this canyon to explore: The Upper Antelope Canyon known as “The Crack” (a less challenging and mostly visited) and the Lower Antelope Canyon “The Spiral Rock Arches” a less visited part which a bit more challenging because of the steep stairs and slots of rocks you have to go through.






We were unable to visit the Upper Antelope Canyon due to time constrictions and arriving late in the afternoon. The tour is about 2 hours of walking (water + sunblock is a must). To those who wants to take their time and get that perfect shots they do offer photography tour which is longer hours with a smaller group.

Guided tours can be book ahead or you can buy it at the site itself. Our trip almost went down the drain only because we came late afternoon, the tickets are almost sold out. Also, to prevent longer waiting hours for the next tour schedule book your tour ahead. They only allow certain visitors a day (tickets do run out) and all must be a guided tour in preservation of the canyons. 


 The gruel part of the trip is driving back home only because all the fun is over and the excitement to your destination are all gone. Being home though gives you that feeling of comfort and the feel of your own bed is nothing compared to all the hotel room we got. We are glad we made it all safe after 7hrs +++ of driving and a few bathroom breaks and snacks along the way. The memories we made will last a life time with the stories we all have to tell. My version is this.

I hope that you had a great time reading my blog. I am glad to take any suggestions of the road trip I shall embark soon (Yellowstone is on my top list for next year).

My upcoming blog is another untold story of my time in UTAH so standby and join me for another ROAD TRIP.

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any tips for me.Thank you for visiting and how about we stay connected in one of these: FB, TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM

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